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Kyoot Kosmetics



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Behold "Ooo!" from our spellbinding Blush Flush Range – where cool orange waltzes with the warm embrace of Barbie pink. A shade that captures the ethereal moment of a sun-kissed dawn meeting a rosy dusk. On your lips and cheeks, it unveils tales of whispered romances and the blush of first loves. Dive into its decadent, creamy essence, delivering a splash of color that dances between warmth and cool allure. Conceived in the heart of India, its soft and enduring formulation guarantees your beauty's radiance remains timeless. Let "Ooo!" serenade you into a world where every hue sings of love and dreams.

♡ Fragrance: Mild Fruity Mix
♡ Finish: Weightless Soft Matte
♡ Stay & Lasting: Upto 6 Hours
♡ Quantity: 5 Gram

♡ Manufactured: October, 2023
♡ Expiry: November, 2025
♡ Manufactured & Marketed By: Kyoot Kosmetics


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