What sustainability means to Kyoot is a way of running this love-filled enterprise while being mindful of the negative impact our practices can have on the environment and constantly working to reduce the said impacts. It is impossible to go a 100% plastic-free or curate a 100% biodegradable packaging as of yet, however, what is possible is instigation of ideas and practices that reduce plastic usage and introduce biodegradable packaging alternatives slowly yet in ways that are genuinely impactful. So, here if our log of efforts, initiatives, changes and steps that we have taken to reduce our carbon footprint, reduce plastic waste and switch to sustainable biodegradable options.

-All orders are shipped in cardboard boxes with minimal printing and no external plastic coating, making them conducive for recycling and reducing non-biodegradable waste.

-No plastic tape or sealing agents are used in order packing processes.

-No plastic void-fills or cushioning agents are used in order packing processes, instead we make use of shredded paper for safe-keeping products in transit.

-Labels and receipts used for packaging are made of paper and not coated in any external plastic coatings.

-The entire external holder of our Blush Flush is MANUFACTURED IN INDIA with cardboard and paper.

-The internal holder is made out of aluminium making it recyclable.

-A BOPP (a type of plastic) coating is used over the cardboard box to enhance durability and make the cardboard component long-lasting. This amount of plastic constitutes less than 1% of our blush flush packaging and we are constantly working to find better alternative to eliminate even this tiny percentage. This plastic, however is recyclable and one of the best combination of plastics that enhance product feel and reduce carbon footprint by being fully recyclable.

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