About KK<3


Kyoot is simple, Kyoot is aesthetic and Kyoot is cute, duh! That is essentially what this is all about. Kyoot Kosmetics is here to provide an array of items that are made to simplify, aestheti-fy and cute-fy your entire make up process. All products are innovated with an amalgamation of young and positive energy. We want to be best buddies with you and that’s because we relate with you so much, we relate with you when you think that beauty should be hassle free, we relate with you when you say that you deserve better than boring packaging and we relate with you when you need more inclusivity from Indian make up brands. So, best buddy, enter the world of Kyoot. We are young, we are inclusive, we are fun, we are creative, we are functional and most importantly, we are performance-driven. OH, and also, we are MADE IN INDIA! Plus, we love animals and have sworn to do as much as is possible for their welfare (read here). Together let’s have fun doing make-up, take care of cuties with paws and the earth that has given us everything (read here).

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